My Thoughts on Being Gay and Being a Christian

I first came to the realization I was gay when I was about 22. In retrospect the signs had been there for a long time but I was way too naive and More »

Late Bloomer: Gay and OK

I’m what some might call a “late bloomer” in this department! (so advanced in all others, I can assure you!). It wasn’t until I was 35 that I had feelings for another More »

Gay, Hiding Behind the Masks

Mine was a story of nothing as it seems. On the outside I appeared to be a great man of Faith, walking with God in pious devotion, but on the inside I More »

My Path to Live as a Gay Christian

I grew up with my three sisters in a Christian home. We lived in Te Aroha – population, three thousand. It was in this town that my parents separated and eventually divorced. More »


President Obama Supports Gay Christian Marriage

The world is buzzing at the recent affirmation made by President Obama that gays should be allowed to marry.

Apart from any religious implications, He recognizes that gays should have the same civil liberties as anyone else in America or the world for that mater.

However, I thought that it was cool that The President didn’t just leave the issue there, but he tied his views on the matter to his faith.

Here’s what he said about arriving at his decision to ABC news.

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Brave 15 Year Old Gay Christian Takes A Stand

I just read a great story written by the mother of a 15 year old from a small conservative town in America.

The teen’s teacher asked his class to write an essay about the popular blog post “I’m Christian, unless you’re gay” that has caused a bit of controversy in Christian circles.

When He showed the assignment to his mom, she was furious at the teacher and the blogger and gave her son a big lecture about how it’s wrong to be gay.

Inside Out Faith: Jennifer Knapp

inside-out-faithI just wanted to give a shout out to Jennifer Knapp for starting Inside Out Faith.

Inside Out Faith is a concert/discussion tour that raises awareness concerning gay Christians’ acceptance within the church as well as LGBT equality.

Jennifer hopes that this tour will foster positive discussion about faith and sexuality as well as help to open the minds of those in the church who have been afraid to address the issue.


Gay Marriage One Step Closer In California

In 2008, in one of the churches darkest moments proposition 8 was voted into law.

Christians raised over 80 million dollars to convince enough people that gays did not have the right to marry. When proposition 8 went into effect gays were legally discriminated against.

What Does the Bible Say about Marriage?

marriage and the bible

Biblical Marriage

The first line of defense that any conservative uses to oppose gay marriage is that marriage is between an man and a woman.

That’s how the Bible defined it and that’s how culture has defined it or has it?