What Does the Bible Say about Marriage?

marriage and the bible

Biblical Marriage

The first line of defense that any conservative uses to oppose gay marriage is that marriage is between an man and a woman.

That’s how the Bible defined it and that’s how culture has defined it or has it?

While yes, in the Bible marriage is between a man and woman, it is very different from what most conservatives would define as “biblical marriage”. As you can see marriage in the Bible was many different things and was always defined by the culture not one supreme mandate from above.

None of us would condone many of those forms of marriage, but within their culture and time period, they were considered the “norm”.

Culture Defines Marriage

Our culture is redefining what marriage means. And, our culture is saying that all people should be treated equally and have the same rights.

Gays just want to be treated equally and I’m sure they can do just as good at marriage as the heterosexuals who have an extremely high divorce rate.

Conservatives need to quit hidding behind some false notion of Biblical marriage and reveal true Biblical marriage for what it was and is not.

What do you think?

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