Gay Marriage One Step Closer In California

In 2008, in one of the churches darkest moments proposition 8 was voted into law.

Christians raised over 80 million dollars to convince enough people that gays did not have the right to marry. When proposition 8 went into effect gays were legally discriminated against.

It makes me sick to think of all of the great things 80 million dollars could have done in this world like feed hungry children and provide help for needy families, but this money was used to spread the message of hate, which only caused gays to feel hated by the church and even God.

Luckily, there has been a legal battle raging and for the second time Federal courts have ruled proposition 8 unconstitutional.

While this will most likely be appealed again by the religious organization behind the bill, gays in California are one step closer in being treated with equal rights as they once were before proposition 8 went into effect.

Gays need to know that Proposition 8 doesn’t represent God’s view on the issue nor the Christian church’s in general. It is but one bigoted group of Christians’ opinion.

Check out Tony Campolo’s podcast to hear this famous preacher’s views on what proposition 8 meant for the church. He states it in a very compelling and moving way.

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