Inside Out Faith: Jennifer Knapp

inside-out-faithI just wanted to give a shout out to Jennifer Knapp for starting Inside Out Faith.

Inside Out Faith is a concert/discussion tour that raises awareness concerning gay Christians’ acceptance within the church as well as LGBT equality.

Jennifer hopes that this tour will foster positive discussion about faith and sexuality as well as help to open the minds of those in the church who have been afraid to address the issue.

She also hopes that this will be a safe place for Christians who are confused about their sexuality as it seems to conflict with their faith according to the church he or she belongs to.

Plus, event goers get to hear Jennifer’s inspiring music!

What a Meeting looks Like?

According to the website a typical Inside Out Faith gathering will follow the following format.

  • Introduction by Host
  • 60 minute Speaking & Acoustic Singing Performance by Jennifer Knapp
  • 30 minute Question & Answer Session with Jennifer, moderated by Host
  • Closing Remarks by Host
  • Closing Song Performed by Jennifer

How to Schedule

If you would like to host an event in your city, you can set it up via Jennifer’s website.

In order to host you just have to be interested in the cause of advancing LGBT equality and be willing to public affirm issues of faith as it relates to LGBT people.

We personally thank Jennifer for all the work she has done so far to advance the cause and to help the church treat gay christians as Christ would.

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