About GCA

Gay Christian Alliance is a group of gay Christians living all over the world who wish to spread the message that it’s OK to be gay and Christian.

We have all struggled with this issue as it relates to our faith and after many years of research, prayer, bible study, and counsel we wholeheartedly believe that God not only loves us just the way we are, but He also is rejoices with us as we express love in the manner in which we were born to express it.

We adhere to the following core values in regards to this website;

  • We believe that God loves and accepts us regardless of sexuality, race, gender, or specific doctrine.
  • We seek to provide a safe place for other gay Christians to ask questions and explore their sexuality.
  • We seek to provide support for others who struggle in a church culture that is anti-gay.
  • We seek to establish a platform for other gay Christians to connect throughout the world.
  • We wish to provide resources to educate gay and straight people alike in regards to how we believe God sees GLBT people.

We encourage visitors to contribute to the content of this site by posting  comments and submitting personal journeys to us for publication. This site is a free resource to those who wish to be a part.

6 thoughts on “About GCA”

  1. Hi there!
    My name is Bridget McCArthy and I am a freshman theatre major at Hope College in Michigan.

    My college is a great place. The character of it is wonderful, and Jesus is very evident here. However, the administration has basically set up homosexual students up for discrimination and disrespect and in some cases violence because it will not recognize any groups that accept LGBTQ ideals as all right. It is ridiculous.

    We are trying to change that to start to get some healing going at the school I love. It is time for homosexual students to enjoy the same atmosphere of understanding and acceptance at Hope as I do.

    Would you please sign this and promote it? Your blog, facebook, a twitter, tumblr, putting it in your program and asking your congregation for help, whatever. We need your help!


    Thank you so much!
    Bridget McCarthy

  2. My name is Terrie Johnson, and I am employed as the senior editor at a nationally recognized advertising agency in Kansas City. I’m also a published author, an awarded public speaker, and I write a daily blog that has a large readership base. Those things describe what I do, but they do not tell you who I am. I’m a daughter, a sister, a mother, a grandmother and a friend. I am all of those. And I am gay.
    Having been raised in a conservative faith in Tennessee, I spent my life living in hiding and hating myself because of my sexual orientation. I was on the verge of committing suicide because I felt as though I could no longer live with the lie, but was interrupted within minutes of attempting to carry out my plan. I eventually came out to a friend and then told my adult children and extended family. Many friends and a few family members chose to sever ties with me following my admission, all of my speaking engagements in Christian venues booked through 2015 cancelled, and the church where I had been an actively involved member for more than 20 years told me I was no longer welcome there. But for the first time in my life, I am being honest with God, with myself and with those who matter most to me.
    Following the overwhelming response to my coming out blog post in 2013, I teamed up with a young award-winning filmmaker to create the short 3-minute video “Ears Wide Open?” as a Public Service Announcement for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The exclusively nonprofit film, produced by Evincery Films, delivers a poignant message of love and acceptance. It is currently featured in multiple online venues (including the Matthew Shepard Foundation website, MatthewsPlace.com), has been promoted by well-known columnists in The New York Times and The Miami Herald, is being shown in community youth centers and churches across the country, shared by people such as an executive producer of It Gets Better and a board member of the NOH8 campaign and organizations such as The Gay Dad Project, is part of a special presentation for several Midwestern universities and is posted in the Favorite Videos section of the NSPL’s YouTube channel. We’ve received thousands of messages from people who have been touched by the video and the hope that it offers.
    The purpose of my note is to request your help in spreading the message by sharing the video. That’s all, just share the video … our sole motivation in creating it is to reach out to others who are struggling. Together, we can spread the word that life is worth living and that it’s okay to be who you are. At the end of the day, if the video reaches just one person and causes them to choose to live and to understand that it really does get better … well … that’s what I would call an awesome day indeed.
    Thank you for being a voice for change and for giving consideration to helping us reach those who are hurting. Together, we CAN make a difference.

  3. Gayness isn’t made by God. It’s primarily parent-made–not on purpose, of course.

    The real science is at narth.com. See, especially, “Fathers of Male Homosexuals,” “The Meaning of Same-Sex Attraction,” “Gay as Self-Reinvention,” and “Attachment Loss and Grief Work in Reparative Therapy.”

    A made-up “minority” has long been useful to the Left. But Americans are wising up and rising up. GayScam will end. The truth will out. No court can prevent it.

    1. No, it’s quite the opposite in fact. One day you and your friends at NARTH will realize that you all were on the wrong side of history, Aligned with all the haters of history past. The only people that are rising up are those that stand for equality and the right to love God as who he/she made them to be.

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