Brave 15 Year Old Gay Christian Takes A Stand

I just read a great story written by the mother of a 15 year old from a small conservative town in America.

The teen’s teacher asked his class to write an essay about the popular blog post “I’m Christian, unless you’re gay” that has caused a bit of controversy in Christian circles.

When He showed the assignment to his mom, she was furious at the teacher and the blogger and gave her son a big lecture about how it’s wrong to be gay. Continue reading “Brave 15 Year Old Gay Christian Takes A Stand”

Do You Have to be “Liberal” to be Inclusive of Gay People?

Do we have to be “liberal” in the negative sense of the word – lacking honesty and rigor in our faith – to hold that you can be gay and Christian?

I really enjoyed this article by Dave Tomlinson where he talks about a spirituality that is “true to orthodox faith, committed to the Church and faithful to scripture” and inclusive of gay people.

He discusses how the words “liberal” and “orthodox” are both deficient labels.  Continue reading “Do You Have to be “Liberal” to be Inclusive of Gay People?”

Freedom as a Gay Christian in London

Like many other young Kiwis I felt the call to head to the UK and see the world. To be honest when I finally got on the plane I was not so young anymore. Just scraping in at 29 on the “youth mobility Visa”

I had spent my early twenties in a relationship and engaged in the epic battle for self-acceptance. Finally it seamed I heaved on my Katmandu pack and boarded the plane to London.

I had lived abroad before in Australia and my family had for the most part got used to my gay self in their lives (that’s a story for another day). I had also been able to get through a significant part of the journey towards wholly accepting my Christian gay self.

I was, as far as those factors were concerned, in a healthy space to make the move. Continue reading “Freedom as a Gay Christian in London”

My First Gay Pride Parade

Well, I’ve now been to my first Gay Pride Parade, and I have to say, it was a little different – pleasantly different – to what I expected.

I’m over in London at the moment, and when the suggestion came up to go to the parade I was a bit reluctant.  I had seen it – well selected clips of it, and others – on TV, so extrapolating that out, I thought it would be a fairly debauched occasion. Continue reading “My First Gay Pride Parade”