NZ Gay Christian Resource Directory

This directory contains churches, counselors, and other organizations in New Zealand that support and affirm GLBT people. If you would like to see your church or organization on this list, please contact us with your organizations details.

Gay Affirming Churches


St Andrews on the Terrace


Auckland Community Church

Ponsonby Baptist

St. Matthew-in-the-City

St. Lukes

St. Davids Presbyterian Church

The Community of St. Luke


St. Michaels

Crave MCC

Knox Church

St. Ninian’s

Gay Supporting Counselors

  • OUTLine NZ – Confidential free phone counseling for people struggling with GLBT issues.

Gay Supporting Doctors

Other Organizations

7 thoughts on “NZ Gay Christian Resource Directory”

  1. Hey team 🙂

    I’ve just come across your site – fantastic stuff!

    I notice you have Gay Supporting Counsellors listed. I am a volunteer Counsellor at Rainbow Youth Aotearoa and have now graduated as a Chaplain so I am happy to have my name listed as a Chaplain for the GLBT community (Aukcland-based, but can provide Skype sessions)for anyone in need. I would operate on a donation basis, and can provide further details if you are interested.

    May God continue to bless your (much-needed) ministry. Exciting times are ahead – we were born for a time such as this..

    Lisa 🙂

  2. Hi, I just want thank you for sharing this list of affirming churches on your site. I wish to see more and an expanded list not just in NZ.

  3. Great service!

    I’d like to mention I run the Silent Gays project.

    It’s specifically for LGBT people who are suffering in churches in silence, too fearful to say anything to anyone.
    I provide a website, Facebook page and “secret” Facebook group for sharing more personal issues.

    I also run small discreet groups that offer a safe space, free from doctrines and religion, to share our hearts, find unconditional love and support, and help on our journeys.

  4. Hi,

    Worthy !??

    Auckland Rainbow Community Church are holding auditions for an exciting young gay musical which will be performed as part of the 2015 Auckland Pride festival. Worthy!!! includes songs from the YouTube Sensation ‘The Hinterlands’ which explores issues around Gay identity, coming out, bullying, and acceptance.

    If you would like to be a part of this show and in getting an important message out to our community that we are all WORTHY, we would love to hear from you.

    There are 6 – 10 roles for characters of various ages and sexes.

    Auditions will be held on Saturday November 8 at All Saints Anglican Church, 284 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby at 11am. At the auditions you will be asked to read a section from the script and we would like to hear you sing a song of your choice which demonstrates your vocal ability and range. For further information contact Vaughan Shepherd on 021 2169345 or email

  5. Wow. Just saw the herald article about the bible baptist pastor. So sad…!

    I consider myself a ‘recovering pentecostal’ having found refuge for my wife and children in a wonderful Anglican community in Auckland. Part of my ‘deliverance’ from fundamentalism was having the chance to work with incredible Kiwi Baptist Union Christians (not Bible Baptist) who serve the poor and those trapped in slavery in India. Changed my life…. I too have been on a long road of understanding, learning that judging others because of their race, religion, creed, and personal struggles in comparison to being a white, western Christian male, is absolutely not the ‘social justice’ that Jesus spoke and lived. As a completely convicted Christian man, I no longer tolerate in silence my more ‘fragile Christian brothers and sisters’ attitudes towards gay folks or people of other races and cultures – in particular, our new, highly misunderstood Muslim neighbours. I haven’t read the book in question here, but I will be putting in my to do list. I tried to comfort a desperate young man years ago – even in my days of ignorance – as he explained that even under Hillsong, Austraia’s, gay deliverance ministries, he was unable to “escape” being gay and struggled with this in light of his understanding and love of Jesus. The poor guy. I mean, seriously? We’re talking suicide levels of pain. Seriously tortured – and all I had for him was “brother, my sinful desires lurking in my mind of adultory – as a married man – are no less or more wicked than the sins you struggle with, so I cannot and will not judge. I can only stand with you and hope we find a way through this valley of tears called life….” Apparently, it was a big help… It must have been the start of this new thing today… With respect. David..

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